Tips to Buy the Best Lands in Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful country situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The country is an archipelago of 333 islands, but most of the islands aren’t suitable for habitation. It has become an ideal place to spend the holiday enjoying with loved ones. There are islands which are developed into private resorts to spend holiday rejuvenating and enjoying wholeheartedly. Tourists can enjoy adventurous activities, water sceneries, sightseeing, and landscapes during the trip. Settling in Fiji is an ideal option for people looking to live in the peaceful environment forever. Fiji land sales offer opportunities to foreigners to own land plots and build a beautiful home as per their requirement. It is essential to hire an authorised real estate agent to help in searching and processing the transaction. Continue reading

Top Reasons Why You Should Settle in Fiji

Fiji is the happiest place on the Earth with 89% people saying they are happy. The island country has beautiful landscapes, hill station, and tourist spots ideal for spending holidays. There can’t be a better holiday destination if you’re looking for relaxing holiday experience to stress-out. Turquoise water sceneries, island hopping, and boating in the waterbodies are just perfect for couples to enjoy life to the fullest. Continue reading

How to Find and Buy Luxurious Villas in Fiji?

If you’re looking for a paradise to escape city blues, it may be Fiji. The country is situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean on an archipelago of 333 beautiful islands. Few islands are suited for human habitation, but other contains beautiful landscapes and hill station. Virgin tropical forests, white sand beaches, and turquoise water sceneries offer a relaxing place for tourists. There are spots for playing adventurous sports and enjoying the natural views. Hence it has become a fantastic destination for foreigners looking to relocate for a peaceful and happy life.  Continue reading

Tips to Remembers in Buying Lands in Fiji

Fiji is beautifully situated in the South Pacific Ocean consisting of an archipelago of 333 islands. Only 110 islands are suitable for habitation, and other contain beautiful sightseeing. The islands are suited for tranquillity and rejuvenating holiday experience for the tourists. Owing to these reasons, Fiji has become an ideal destination for the relocation of foreigners. Continue reading

Buy Freehold Land to Build a Home in Fiji

Fiji has become an important destination for the relocation of foreigners. The peaceful environment, sightseeing, and beautiful landscapes attract thousands of tourists in the country. Spending holiday in Fiji utterly soothing in pleasant weather condition, white sand beaches, and boating in the turquoise water. There are spots for adventurous sports like kayaking, river rafting, boating, island hopping, and other activities are wonderful. Mesmerising water sceneries and adventurous sports make your holiday worth remembering for a lifetime. The Fiji real estate is open for foreigners to buy properties and settle in the country. Investments can be done on properties in collaboration with a local company up to 49% in the country. Continue reading

How to Find the Best Property in Fiji?

Do you want to purchase real estate properties and become a resident in Fiji? If yes, you’re not alone. Fiji, the beautiful country situated in Southern Pacific Ocean, invites from different regions to settle in the country. There can’t be a perfect destination for people looking to escape city blues and seeking a peaceful life with family members. Abundant sightseeing, hill station, tropical forests, and turquoise water surrounding the islands attract peace-loving people. Additionally, Fijian are exceptionally happy, welcoming, playful, and musical. Living amidst the happiest folks on the Earth is a wonderful feeling. Continue reading

How to Buy Lands in Fiji?

Are you looking to buy a property in South Pacific region? If yes, Fiji may be an ideal destination for you. It is an archipelago consisting of 333 islands, but only 110 islands are suited for human habitation. The barren islands have been turned into beautiful resorts, restaurants, and tourist spots for spending a holiday. Continue reading

How to Build a Beautiful Home in Fiji?

Fiji is a beautiful island country situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago of 333 islands, but only 110 islands are suited for human habitation. Still, Fiji is sparsely populated and invite foreigners to relocate building a beautiful home in one of the habitable islands. Continue reading

How to Buy Your Dream House in Fiji?

Buying a home need good amount of money and needs to be taken after prolong contemplation. If you’re planning to buy a home near to sea or in an island country, it could be Fiji. The island country is situated in Southern Pacific Ocean and consisting of 333 islands but mostly not suited for habitation. Still, Fiji is an under populated country with beautiful marine sceneries, beaches, hill stations, and tropical forests making an ideal place for living. You will surely fall in love with the landscapes and enviable environment of the country with friendly locals. Special holiday spots have been developed for couples to spend private time with loved ones. Living in Fiji is like living in a paradise away from city blues. Continue reading

Important Things to Know About Fiji Land Sales

Are you planning to buy properties in Fiji? If you’re, you should know important things how lands are sold in Fiji and procedures needed for foreigners. You can be entangled in legal issues while buying properties or lands in Fiji quickly, if not cautiously done. Consulting with an authorised real estate agent is a must for haven buyers to avoid legal problems later. Get guidance on Fiji land sales from experts who have knowledge about the real estate industry well. Make sure to buy the properties at a suitable location with pleasant weather and without any legal issues. You need permission from Ministry of Land while buying lands more than an acre in the country. Continue reading